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Ronnie’s Custom Carpet Cleaning – Testimonials







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“Ronnie’s Custom Carpet Cleaners are world class!  We have used many different vendors over the years – in the Mediterranean, Caribbean and in the USA and I would class them as one of the best. They are prompt, efficient and more than willing to accommodate if schedules or circumstances change. Every job they have completed for us has been to the highest of standards whilst priced at a fair rate. We have been extremely happy with their work and the service they provide. I would not use any another upholstery & carpet cleaner in south Florida.”

“We have used Ronnie’s Custom Carpet Cleaning for over 10 years. It’s always a pleasure to see the same people working there year after year as they get to know your boat and can consistently do a great job. Over the years I have used Ronnie’s to clean my carpets and furniture on the boat and in my house, as well as, all the outdoor cushions. I have never been disappointed in the quality of the work, it has always been top shelf. Ronnie is always flexible with the schedule and is willing to come just about anywhere to get the job done. I highly recommend Ronnie’s Custom Carpet Cleaning to anyone.”

“I have used Ronnie’s Custom Carpet Cleaning for over 13 years on yachts of all sizes and have never been disappointed.  Often I have been extremely impressed and amazed.  Their crews are true professionals who work very hard to do the job right and obtain optimal results. They are always respectful and careful of the yacht and are a pleasure to work with.  It is without hesitation that I would recommend Ronnie’s Custom Carpet Cleaning to a yacht of any size.”

“This company has done well for us again, thank you for all your awesome services and the guys did a excellent job.”

“As customer of Ronnie’s Custom Carpet Cleaning for over 10 years I’m extremely pleased to say that they are 100% reliable, always on time and willing to do miracles saving the carpet and soft goods onboard. Extremely polite crew with always a smile. Without a doubt the best in the industry!”

“In 28 years of yachting, I have never called anyone other than Ronnie’s. Their cleaning is unparalleled, and the pricing is always very reasonable. In addition, the cleaning crews arrive prepared, they protect surrounding areas and can solve any unique issues that yacht jobs can present. Shannon has become a friend and anytime I have had the need for emergency service Ronnie’s has provided it.”

“I use Ronnie’s Custom Carpet Cleaning services exclusively and this is the only carpet cleaning company that I refer to our Westport clients. Shannon and his team have always been there on time and have responded to very delicate situations in a professional manner. No job is to big or to small, they always come through.”

Carpet Cleaning Services

We offer a number of services to clean and protect the fabrics in your yacht, estate or jet. We are knowledgeable of the safety standards of each environment as well as the best way to protect the fabrics and maintain the look and wear of the product as it was originally purchased.

Marine Carpet and Upholstery

We started the business with our knowledge of the marine industry. From the classic fisherman to the most luxurious yacht we’ve serviced them all. And, most importantly, we continued to be asked back by the captains and owners who are maintaining these beautiful vessels. Find out more about our Marine Services by clicking below.

Aviation Carpet and Upholstery

The Aviation industry presents some unique challenges with the high fire retardation and safety standards that are imposed on aircraft. We can clean carpets and upholstery and maintain the integrity of the fabric to uphold all of the standards that are required. To find out more about our Aviation Service click below.

Fire Retardant Application

Safety is paramount in some situations. When you are in the air or at sea you want to be sure that the threat of fire has been addressed and that your vendor is knowledgable and experienced. Our certifications meet specific requirements that match the recommendations of the countries that may govern your vessel. Let us know your concerns and we will be happy to discuss options for fire retardation. Learn more on Fire Retardants by clicking below.

Fire and Flood Restoration

Accidents happen. When they do restoration can help bring back that fabric to the look and feel that you loved when you and your designer chose it for initial installation. Call us when you want to restore instead of replace and we’ll help you bring that fabric or carpet back to life again. Find out more on Fire and Flood Restoration by clicking below.

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